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tested with 3 cameras :

3 cams


fixed version 2014 09 25 (working on win7 64, tested with 2 cams)

main window
Settings window
**this c# winform project is based on DXSnap-2008 sample project **

A few days ago, someone told me that it was not possible to take 3 snapshots , from 3 different webcams , at the same time (e.g. this guy wanted to take snapshots of an item on 3 different axes (X,Y,Z)

so I 've tried to make it work..

here is a capture of the app: unfortunately, I've only got 2 cameras , so I couldn't test with 3 cams, but it (should) work : please make post some comments and reviews! :) thank you


This project can work with up to 3 different cameras at the same time. but it will also work with only one or two cams.

you can stream your cameras and take some instant pictures

you can also change camera order in settings button (bottom left corner of the app)

you 'll need to install first : .NET framework 4. 

and also DirectShowLib-2005.dll (included)

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